Docker:docker searchでDockerイメージを検索する方法


docker searchでDockerイメージを検索する方法

Dockerイメージを検索するには、検索したいイメージ名を指定してdocker searchコマンドを実行します。



$ docker search --help

Usage:  docker search [OPTIONS] TERM

Search the Docker Hub for images

  -f, --filter filter   Filter output based on conditions provided
      --format string   Pretty-print search using a Go template
      --limit int       Max number of search results (default 25)
      --no-trunc        Don't truncate output



$ docker search busybox
NAME                      DESCRIPTION                                     STARS               OFFICIAL            AUTOMATED
busybox                   Busybox base image.                             1872                [OK]
progrium/busybox                                                          71                                      [OK]
radial/busyboxplus        Full-chain, Internet enabled, busybox made f…   29                                      [OK]
arm32v7/busybox           Busybox base image.                             8
yauritux/busybox-curl     Busybox with CURL                               8
armhf/busybox             Busybox base image.                             6
odise/busybox-curl                                                        4                                       [OK]
arm64v8/busybox           Busybox base image.                             3
prom/busybox              Prometheus Busybox Docker base images           2                                       [OK]
aarch64/busybox           Busybox base image.                             2
s390x/busybox             Busybox base image.                             2
p7ppc64/busybox           Busybox base image for ppc64.                   2
joeshaw/busybox-nonroot   Busybox container with non-root user nobody     2
arm32v6/busybox           Busybox base image.                             2
i386/busybox              Busybox base image.                             2
vukomir/busybox           busybox and curl                                1
spotify/busybox           Spotify fork of…   1
ppc64le/busybox           Busybox base image.                             1
arm32v5/busybox           Busybox base image.                             0
amd64/busybox             Busybox base image.                             0
concourse/busyboxplus                                                     0
emccorp/busybox           Busybox                                         0
sou856099/busybox                                                         0
ggtools/busybox-ubuntu    Busybox ubuntu version with extra goodies       0                                       [OK]
trollin/busybox                                                           0

$ docker search centos
NAME                               DESCRIPTION                                     STARS               OFFICIAL            AUTOMATED
centos                             The official build of CentOS.                   5956                [OK]
ansible/centos7-ansible            Ansible on Centos7                              128                                     [OK]
jdeathe/centos-ssh                 OpenSSH / Supervisor / EPEL/IUS/SCL Repos - …   114                                     [OK]
consol/centos-xfce-vnc             Centos container with "headless" VNC session…   114                                     [OK]
centos/mysql-57-centos7            MySQL 5.7 SQL database server                   74
imagine10255/centos6-lnmp-php56    centos6-lnmp-php56                              58                                      [OK]
tutum/centos                       Simple CentOS docker image with SSH access      45
centos/postgresql-96-centos7       PostgreSQL is an advanced Object-Relational …   43
kinogmt/centos-ssh                 CentOS with SSH                                 29                                      [OK]
pivotaldata/centos-gpdb-dev        CentOS image for GPDB development. Tag names…   11
guyton/centos6                     From official centos6 container with full up…   10                                      [OK]
centos/tools                       Docker image that has systems administration…   6                                       [OK]
drecom/centos-ruby                 centos ruby                                     6                                       [OK]
pivotaldata/centos                 Base centos, freshened up a little with a Do…   4
pivotaldata/centos-gcc-toolchain   CentOS with a toolchain, but unaffiliated wi…   3
pivotaldata/centos-mingw           Using the mingw toolchain to cross-compile t…   3
mamohr/centos-java                 Oracle Java 8 Docker image based on Centos 7    3                                       [OK]
darksheer/centos                   Base Centos Image -- Updated hourly             3                                       [OK]
miko2u/centos6                     CentOS6 日本語環境                                   2                                       [OK]
mcnaughton/centos-base             centos base image                               1                                       [OK]
blacklabelops/centos               CentOS Base Image! Built and Updates Daily!     1                                       [OK]
indigo/centos-maven                Vanilla CentOS 7 with Oracle Java Developmen…   1                                       [OK]
pivotaldata/centos7-dev            CentosOS 7 image for GPDB development           0
pivotaldata/centos6.8-dev          CentosOS 6.8 image for GPDB development         0
smartentry/centos                  centos with smartentry                          0                                       [OK]