Docker:docker searchで公式(OFFICIAL)イメージのみを検索する方法


docker searchで公式(OFFICIAL)イメージのみを検索する方法

docker searchで公式(OFFICIAL)イメージのみを検索する、--filter is-official=trueオプションを指定します。



$ docker search --help

Usage:  docker search [OPTIONS] TERM

Search the Docker Hub for images

  -f, --filter filter   Filter output based on conditions provided
      --format string   Pretty-print search using a Go template
      --limit int       Max number of search results (default 25)
      --no-trunc        Don't truncate output



$ docker search --filter is-official=true busybox
NAME                DESCRIPTION           STARS               OFFICIAL            AUTOMATED
busybox             Busybox base image.   1872                [OK]

$ docker search --filter is-official=true centos
NAME                DESCRIPTION                     STARS               OFFICIAL            AUTOMATED
centos              The official build of CentOS.   5956                [OK]

$ docker search --filter is-official=true docker
NAME                DESCRIPTION                                     STARS               OFFICIAL            AUTOMATED
alpine              A minimal Docker image based on Alpine Linux…   6389                [OK]
jenkins             Official Jenkins Docker image                   4752                [OK]
registry            The Docker Registry 2.0 implementation for s…   2940                [OK]
docker              Docker in Docker!                               1308                [OK]
hello-world         Hello World! (an example of minimal Dockeriz…   1176                [OK]
swarm               Swarm: a Docker-native clustering system.       1066                [OK]
fedora              Official Docker builds of Fedora                873                 [OK]
oraclelinux         Official Docker builds of Oracle Linux.         646                 [OK]
docker-dev          Docker is an open source project to pack, sh…   88                  [OK]
clearlinux          Official docker build of Clear Linux OS for …   82                  [OK]
ibmjava             Official IBM® SDK, Java™ Technology Edition …   78                  [OK]
eggdrop             The official Docker image of Eggdrop- IRC's …   33                  [OK]
express-gateway     The Official Docker Image of Express Gateway…   24                  [OK]